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Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Garden Stuttgart

The 80 Lucid arena pro luminaires in Terra Australis provide authentic daylight at night to give visitors an insight into the life of the animals during the day.

Christian Bewer GmbH

The 1,100 square meter hall of Christian Bewer GmbH was renovated. A flexibly adaptable lighting system, our Lucid linea pro continuous-row lighting system, was a key component.

Allgaier Werke GmbH

The lighting in the hall at Allgaier Werke in Uhingen was completely redesigned. 24 models of the Lucid arena pro were installed.

RIVA GmbH Engineering

Riva Engineering's production hall 2, with an area of around 13,800 m², was equipped with a total of 360 luminaires from the Lucid arena pro series with DALI power supply unit.

Amato GmbH

At Amato GmbH, the new 1,020 m² building was equipped with 48 Lucid arena pro series luminaires, which were connected using our TWIN holders.

Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH

Our Lucid nova pro LED pendant luminaires are installed in the production area of Soehnle Industrial Soultions GmbH, a specialist in scales and weighing technology.


The 16,000 m² logistics center of Blanco GmbH in Bruchsal was equipped with our dimmable Lucid arena pro 30/60° DALI high-bay luminaire.

I-H&S GmbH (exterior)

Our Lucid power lane 75 W was used around the building of I-H&S GmbH - a specialist in used TRUMPF machines.

I-H&S GmbH (interior)

I-H&S GmbH, specialist for TRUMPF used machines, has equipped its new building with 48 luminaires of our Lucid sirius 190 W.

AQUAtec GmbH

110 Lucid arena pro 60° luminaires illuminate the new buildings of AQUAtec GmbH.

Kroll GmbH

Our first "Made in Germany" luminaire, the Lucid nova eos, was used for the first time at Kroll GmbH.

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH (interior)

A 1:6 replacement of the luminaires was carried out at Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH in Türkheim. Our Lucid nova pro 120° was used for this.

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH (exterior)

A total of 70 Lucid lane pro 1M outdoor luminaires were fitted.

Kroll GmbH

Kroll GmbH relies on our products not only in the hall area, but also for the ceiling lighting. Their entrance area was equipped with 39 of our Lucid quadra 40W recessed ceiling luminaires.

Friedrich Kicherer GmbH & Co. KG

Friedrich Kicherer GmbH & Co. KG in Ellwangen is one of the largest medium-sized steel distributors in Germany. In three halls, the old HQI lighting was replaced 1:1 with new Lucid sirius

McArena GmbH

In 2023 alone, 9 multifunctional sports facilities were built in Germany and Austria, in which our Lucid arena pro high-bay luminaire was installed.


The new building of Viking - manufacturer of garden tools - was retrofitted with a total of 308 luminaires from the Lucid arena pro series.


In a tennis hall in Unterföhring, 60 Lucid arena pro luminaires were installed to ensure optimum illumination of the area.

Allgaier Logistik

The new building of the logistics company Allgaier Logistik GmbH was equipped with a total of 47 Lucid power high bay 60° luminaires and 20 Lucid power high bay 30°/60° luminaires. This achieved an illuminance level of 300 lux.

W. Streker GmbH

At the fruit juice manufacturer W. Streker GmbH, the tank farm with a hall height of 17m was equipped with our Lucid power high bay 30°/60° LED luminaires.

BSG Handels-GmbH

At BSG Handels-GmbH, a total of 31 Lucid nova pro 120° luminaires were installed in two halls and 5 Lucid lane pro 1M outdoor luminaires were fitted.

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