Light for a resource and environmentally friendly future

Save up to 90% energy by switching to our intelligent LEDs


All LIGHTS industrial luminaires and accessories are manufactured exclusively at ISO-certified sites. We still develop, produce, assemble and test all our luminaires ourselves in our TÜV-certified production facility in Germany. This means that every luminaire has undergone quality control at our factory in Backnang for over 15 years.

After production and assembly, each luminaire is electrically and mechanically tested by our trained employees in Backnang. This enables us to minimize our sources of error and guarantee you flawless quality. With our test bench, we can also carry out quick fault analyses and repairs to the spotlights, so that our customers' costs and downtime are reduced to a minimum.

Our striving for perfection sets our products apart from others and makes our product range unique. Our products are not aimed at the masses, but at useful and individual areas of application.

Special solutions - Made in Germany

We want to work independently, quickly and in a customer-oriented manner. The result is quality products that are not mass-produced by machines, but are specially adapted to your requirements using branded components. We listen to our customers, understand the problem and find a solution. Even small batches are no problem for our team.

We work with our customers to produce, develop and modify products that offer the perfect lighting solution for them. In cooperation with Kroll Blechtechnik and Riva GmbH Engineering, we are able to create individual solutions for individual applications, even in small quantities This results, for example, in special brackets and special solutions such as the task light with area limitation or the Lucid clean conversion kit. Many of these special solutions are produced in Backnang and have even made it into series production or into our range of accessories. We manufacture our accessories such as twin holders, dust covers or ball impact protection devices ourselves "made in Germany".


We focus on modularity in our products, making them reparable and sustainable. This ensures a longer overall service life for the devices. If a part of the luminaires were to become defective, it would not be necessary to dispose of the entire luminaire, but only to replace the relevant component. This in turn saves money, as the purchase of a completely new product can be avoided. Furthermore, consumers can easily upgrade certain modules to improve the performance or functions of certain components. Overall, the environmental impact of electronic products is minimized by paying attention to the sustainable use of resources.

Intelligent light and sensor technology

The energy-saving factor will become increasingly important for us in the future. That is why we are focusing on two very important factors with our intelligent lighting solutions.

On the one hand, energy efficiency in order to generate the maximum benefit from the energy used and, on the other hand, using an intelligent luminaire to only consume energy when it is actually needed. With our sirius, oculus and linea series, our OS-Net sensors are available as accessories and feature a presence detector, light sensor and wireless group switching. These can be controlled from the floor using a remote control and programmed with a switch-on threshold/run-on time. Depending on the scene, our sensors are available with different sensor detection optics to create the best possible lighting application for you.

By switching to LEDs and using all the associated intelligent technological options, such as the DALI function, sensors and state-of-the-art power supply units, as well as optimum integrated heat dissipation, you can achieve energy savings of up to 90% at the end of the day. This goes hand in hand with lower CO2 generation and lower costs.


Particularly in an industrial context, lighting systems must be able to withstand demanding, intensive use in order to prove their absolute reliability. We attach great importance to ensuring that all our luminaires meet these requirements. They are therefore equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can be efficiently recycled at the end of their service life, which contributes to a further reduction in the ecological footprint.

The most important factors at a glance:

Energy savings of up to 90%

Longevity thanks to modular and repairable luminaires

Use of recyclable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass and high-performance polycarbonate optics

Free return of your old products

Lifelong Analysis and Repair Service

Recycling rate over 90%

Innovative heat sinks and efficient heat dissipation

Raw material-friendly disposal and subsequent recycling

Significant cost savings

Up to 10 years spare parts guarantee

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