Why Lights?

Let us advise you free of charge and convince you personally.

We offer user-friendly products consisting of branded components with a high quality standard and long life expectancy, spare parts availability and guarantee periods. We still develop, produce, assemble and test the majority of our lights ourselves in Germany. We are also able to customize our products to meet your special requirements. In addition, we guarantee you a lifelong fault analysis service and the repair of your products at our factory in Backnang. This is also reflected in our complaint rate of less than 0.5%.
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Our measurement protocols for the individual luminaires are publicly accessible and can be viewed by our customers at an independent testing institute. Many other manufacturers can only provide efficiency values on the basis of data sheets they have produced themselves and cannot substantiate them with measurement reports. Light efficiency (lumen/W) values are often communicated which only correspond to a laboratory value (similar to the diesel scandal). Many other manufacturers also measure the light output directly on the LED board (without covers such as glass or optics) in order to achieve the highest possible light efficiency. However, this does not correspond to any real practical value. With our test reports, we create transparency, honesty and certainty for your planning and lighting decisions.
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We enable energy savings of 80% by switching to LEDs with automated control elements via DALI (integrated bus system). Modularity, retrofittable repairs and the reuse of your existing components generate long-term savings potential compared to other luminaires.
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Expertise und Innovation
We already have over 15 years of experience - our competent staff will implement your lighting design with DIALUX in accordance with your workplace guidelines. We also dynamically compete in the race to constantly improve energy efficiency and technical progress through hardware, software and mechanics. Our high-tech power supply units store reports with important information on burning times, switch-on and switch-off times and fault analyses. Make an appointment now with our lighting experts:
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Benefit from our long-term support...

We offer you the complete package of our many years of experience from initial consultation with target definition, analysis, planning, product selection, implementation, night-time measurement and annual inspection of the lighting system.

... and put your trust in our many years of experience in lighting design

Early on, we recognized that anyone can just sell luminaires. Developing, planning and implementing complete, high-quality lighting concepts, on the other hand, is exciting, challenging and our passion. High-quality lighting design by professionals is a prerequisite for optimum results. That's why we have trained specialist lighting designers in the company who implement your requirements in terms of professionalism and the workplace directive. The result is a perfect combination of quality products and professional planning in harmony with people and their work.

Our project process in detail


We analyze your current situation, including an inventory, light measurement and basic analysis of specific lighting requirements directly on your premises.


You will receive a presentation of our product selection that is suitable and adapted to your situation, lighting alternatives as well as planning and technical advice from our lighting experts.

Individual lighting design

We have a broad portfolio for almost all industrial applications and can adapt our products individually to your special requests and specific lighting requirements. High-quality lighting design by a professional is a prerequisite for an ideal result. Our experts create your lighting design professionally and without any obligation with DIALUX tailored to your workplace guidelines. This allows you to see that all areas have been optimally planned to the lighting specification and rules out incorrect installation (uneven/too much/too little light) with high, avoidable costs. The result is a perfect combination of high-quality products and professional planning in harmony with people and their activities.


Our ROI calculation provides you with clear cost structures and amortization periods. It also provides clear figures on CO2 savings and energy savings. You will also receive our offer.

Test installation

You receive a free test installation and confirm our planning and our offer.


This is followed by the final implementation and installation of your lighting system with our high-quality, latest-generation LED luminaires, saving energy and costs with maximum efficiency.


We offer our customers very long warranty periods as well as a lifelong analysis and repair service for maximum satisfaction. Thanks to the modular design of the luminaires, you have the option of sending in your devices to us and having the defective individual parts replaced. This saves money and is sustainable, as the purchase of a completely new product can be avoided.

Feel free to contact us!

Our sales team will advise you without any obligations in order to realize the ideal lighting conditions for you.

You can reach us on +49 (0)7191 32 30 20 or via the contact form below.