The new generation: Lucid linea pro

The new Lucid linea pro is easy to use and can be easily adapted to changing lighting requirements. A tool-free assembly with plug & clip system minimizes the installation time.


Light planning

For your production, logistics or warehouse facilities, we can carry out lighting planning on request, and for a small service fee we will send you the results as a PDF printout.

LIGHTS 4 Europe

We’re sure you can turn LIGHTS 4 Europe LED lights on not only today but also after 50,000 hours and are as happy as on the first day.

Through the combination of its own LED production, optimally matched to the LED cooling system, highly effective lens technology and its own lighting design, we are able to offer you high-quality LED lighting and LED bulbs. This is also the foundation as a young company with sustainability and the development of long-term customer relationships to be successful.