Switch on efficiency

Situated near Stuttgart in Germany, LIGHTS 4 Europe offers tailor-made lighting systems based on the latest generation of LEDs. Responsible for international sales, we are experts in lighting solution for manufacturing areas, industrial facilities and open spaces. Our lighting solutions help organisations to reduce their CO2 footprint, energy usage and costs. Because if there’s one value we stand for more than any other, it’s sustainability. LIGHTS 4 Europe works closely with international distribution partners, dedicated and specialist professionals who consult on, plan, and implement lighting concepts for their customers. Our partners are as knowledgeable and passionate about LED lighting as we are – and they sell LIGHTS 4 Europe’s lighting systems to customers in trade and industry.

Resulting in following advantages at a glance

  • With our LED-technology, energy saving is from 30 to 80 percent compared to the traditional lighting solutions
  • LIGHTS LED luminaries improve the light quality and are photo biological compatible
  • Our luminaires generate less heating due to efficient design, resulting in significant cost saving for air conditioning and cooling systems
  • LED luminaires from LIGHTS can be used in freezing temperatures and are tolerant to temperature fluctuations and vibrations.

  • You can switch our LED luminaires on and off as much as you want without having any impact on the LED life time
  • Due to LED long life time, maintenance and replacement costs can be saved
  • Highly energy efficient LIGHTS products protect the environment through sustainable CO2 saving
  • Some of our luminaires can be used in the food processing industry (IFS Standard).
  • In-house luminaire development and production Made in Germany.

Your advantage

LIGHTS lighting experts consult you on site and provides you with light planning and ROI
calculations free of charge. The result is customised lighting solution, energy, cost savings,
significant CO2 reductions and improved sustainability.